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Canada Delays ELD Mandate

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Since June 12, 2021, all federally regulated motor carriers that operate in Canada have been required to use an electronic logging device (ELD) in commercial motor vehicles (CMVs). This standard applies to Canadian motor carriers as well as motor carriers based in the United States that are operating in Canada. However, Canadian Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra noted that there has been a soft enforcement period following the June 12 compliance date, focusing on education and awareness. This has allowed time for motor carriers to obtain and install the ELDs.

ELD Standard Background

The standard was originally amended in June 2019, requiring drivers and motor carriers to move away from completing paper daily logs to adopting ELDs. The standard established that daily logs will be replaced with an ELD that has been tested and certified by an accredited certification body. The use of ELDs over daily logs is designed to reduce commercial driver fatigue and improve road safety.

The standard was under a 24-month implementation period. This time was supposed to give companies supplying ELDs the opportunity to ensure the software meets the new requirements. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies have struggled to accomplish this. Despite this issue, the standard still went into effect on June 12, 2021, and motor carriers now must have an ELD installed in their CMVs. To help with this setback, the enforcement is educational in nature to allow time to install the ELDs.

What Does Educational Enforcement Mean?

Educational enforcement under this standard refers to enforcement that provides education and awareness concerning the use of the ELDs. The educational enforcement period will run for 12 months. This period will allow time for carriers to receive, install and learn how to use ELDs.

Some jurisdictions—like Quebec and Manitoba—have provided details on how they will enforce the mandate, while others have not. The enforcement of the ELD mandate will now not begin until January 2023. Enforcement was originally supposed to begin in June 2022; however, it has been delayed due to a lack of devices.

Who Does the Standard Apply To?

The standard applies to all federally regulated carriers in Canada and U.S. carriers operating in Canada. Even though CMVs in the United States already have ELDs, Canadian ELDs have additional requirements. U.S. ELDs will have to undergo a software update and be certified for use in Canada.

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