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Our accessibility plan is a commitment to everyone.

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A strategic vision as well as a multi-year plan.

What is our accessibility plan?

The Accessibility Plan for The Magnes Group Inc (Magnes) is both a strategic vision as well as a multi-year plan. The Accessibility Plan describes how we will maintain exceptional customer service standards and employment standards by ensuring that Magnes is fully accessible to the public, including persons with disabilities. The Accessibility Plan will also ensure compliance with AODA guidelines and all provincial legislation requirements.

Commitment to persons with disabilities.

Magnes is committed to excellence in serving all customers, including meeting the accessibility needs of persons with disabilities in a timely manner. Magnes aims to provide products and services that are accessible and can meet individual needs, to the extent practicable, by preventing and removing barriers to persons with disabilities. In doing so, Magnes remains committed to respect the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities.

Accessibility for customers, employees, and general public.

The Magnes Group Inc has been building and maintaining an inclusive and accessible organization for many years.

Magnes will continue to make reasonable efforts to ensure that our company policies, procedures, and practices pertaining to employment and to the provision of products & services to the public and other third parties, align with the guiding principles of independence, dignity, integration and equal opportunity as set out in 2005 by Bill 118, the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

We are committed to giving customers with disabilities the same opportunities to access our products & services, as well as giving employees with disabilities the same opportunities to deliver our products & services to customers. This policy applies to all Magnes staff members, including full time, part time and contract-personnel, who deal with the public.

Magnes is committed to meeting the legislative requirements established by AODA under the new Integrated Accessibility Standards effective January 1, 2014 as well as the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service already required prior to January 1, 2012. Accessibility Standards apply to every organization and to every person that provides goods or services to members of the public and that has at least one employee in Ontario. Workplace Accessibility Barriers Assessment is an organization-wide assessment that aims at ensuring that we meet the legislative requirements, and continue to do so through periodic assessments.

Employee training.

Magnes will continue to provide education and training material to all employees and staff who deal with the public and other third parties on their behalf.

  • All Magnes employees were provided a copy of the Magnes Customer Service Standard Policy, prior to December 31, 2011.
  • All Magnes employees were also presented Accessibility Training Tips, prepared by Access Ontario, prior to December 31, 2011.
  • The Magnes Customer Service Standard Policy was included in the company employee manual and posted on the company Intranet, effective January 1, 2012.
  • All newly hired Magnes employees are required to complete a comprehensive new employee orientation training program. Effective January 1, 2012 that process now includes a section on reviewing Accessibility and the Customer Service Standard Policy with the Manager of Human Resources.
  • Magnes continually assesses the need for additional staff training in accordance with the distribution of new or amended company policies & procedures.

Information and communications standards.

Magnes is committed to meeting the communication needs of all our customers, including persons with disabilities.

Magnes will continue to respond to all customer feedback in a timely manner and we will answer any questions customers may have as required either in person, by telephone or email/fax. Upon request, Magnes will aim to address the specific needs of any persons with a disability that requires assistance in communication or receiving alternative forms of information, to the extent practicable.

Magnes will take steps to review all new company websites and to evaluate content conformance on those sites with new standards, to the extent practicable (WCAG 2.0 Level A effective January 1, 2014). All Magnes web content will be assessed and evaluated on a regular basis for current accessibility conformance and potential barriers.

Magnes does not currently operate or maintain any public self-service kiosks.

Employment standards.

Magnes is committed to fair and accessible employment and recruitment practices, and continues to comply with all current provincial Employment Standard Acts. Upon request, Magnes will provide, to the extent practicable, sufficient accommodations to all employees and applicants, including persons with disabilities. Magnes has also advised staff on the potential need to request assistance through Individualized Emergency Response Plans in the workplace.

Transportation standards.

Magnes does not currently operate or provide any public transportation services.

  • The Customer Service Standard Policy was made available on the Magnes website, including a Customer Feedback Form, effective January 1, 2012.
  • Magnes complied with all applicable Accessibility Standards for Customer Service by January 1, 2012 (for private sector organizations with 20 or more employees).
  • Magnes successfully filed the required online compliance report with the Government of Ontario prior to December 31, 2012.
  • Magnes complied with all new Integrated Accessibility Standards by January 1, 2014 (for large organizations with 50 or more employees in Ontario).
  • The Accessibility Policy and Accessibility Plan will be made available on the Magnes website, effective January 1, 2014.
  • The Accessibility Plan will be reviewed and updated no less than once a year by the Magnes Joint Health & Safety Committee.
  • Magnes will continue to review all existing company policies & procedures when appropriate, and amend accordingly when required.

More information.

For more information on the Accessibility Plan, or to provide feedback on the Customer Service Standard Policy, please contact:

The Magnes Group
Manager of Human Resources


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