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Hybrid Teams and a Healthy Work-life Balance

| Business Insurance, COVID-19 | No Comments
Hybrid work teams have become more common in recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, 43% of Canadian workers say they would look for a new job if…
a picture of someone doing a video home inventory

Home Inventory Checklist

| Personal Insurance | No Comments
Could you recall every valuable item you have, if your home was damaged or destroyed? Most of us couldn’t. That’s why a complete home inventory is so important, not only…
windows laptop updating after installing the Microsoft Windows Follina Vulnerability patch

Microsoft Windows Follina Vulnerability

| Cyber Awareness | No Comments
Microsoft has finally issued a patch for "Follina," a zero-day Windows vulnerability that is being aggressively exploited by state-backed hackers according to TechCrunch. What is the Follina Vulnerability? When Microsoft…