Specialty Industries

Differentiated Expertise

Unique solutions for unique industries.

Insurance is a complicated business. Our dedicated industry experts will work with you to identify potential risks and produce customized solutions to cover them.


Magnes is Canada’s largest independent professional risk and insurance advisor to the Canadian Aviation Industry. As active members in the aviation community and leading national aviation associations, we have an intense understanding of your industry and keep abreast of market trends and risks. Through our Strategic Risk Analysis approach, we work with you to contain insurance costs, properly manage exposures and reduce your overall cost of risk.

Food and Beverage

The Food and Beverage portfolio at Magnes has long been a jewel in our corporate structure. With exposures ranging from food processing to freeze drying, from temperature controlled warehousing to poultry production, from beverages to frozen products, we have an intimate working knowledge of your industry and how to best position your interests in the insurance marketplace.

Forestry and Wood Products

With over 30 years of experience writing wood product and forestry accounts, we have a proven track record in risk management, speedy claims assessment and premium containment. We offer solutions in several niche markets including Sawmills/Planning Mills, Lumber Wholesaling, Building Components, Pallets, Crates and Packaging, Furniture & Cabinet Manufacturing.


Magnes’ Manufacturing sector encompasses a web of disciplines and we proudly service both local and international businesses. Customer dependencies, machinery malfunctions, and industry trends will all be considered when creating a custom solution for your business. We will insure your supply chain and product distribution channels efficiently and affordably.


Whether you are a mining supplier, a junior mining company or a producing mine, Magnes provides Alternative Risk Financing for Environmental Risks and Mine/Site Remediation, Risk Management Programs for Mining and Related Industry, Insurance for Lenders, Investors, and Sponsors in a mining project. With global capabilities, our team will assess everything from kidnapping and political risk to US and International exposures in order to create a complete and cost effective risk reduction solution.

Passenger Transportation

At Magnes, our goal is for all bus transportation to be safe, from Yellow School Buses to Spacious Vacation Motor Coaches. As active members of the leading passenger transportation associations in Canada, we make it our mission to know the intricacies of your industry. Our specialty services include Quarterly CVOR & Driver Abstract Analysis, Workplace & Safety Consulting and Fleet Time & Management Tools. 

Renewable Energy

Magnes offers a varied portfolio of insurance options to the renewable energy industry with expertise in Solar, Wind, Hydroelectric and Geothermal Power as well as Biomass and Biofuels. Our capabilities expand globally through the support of our international network.

Tourism and Recreation

Adventure travel and recreation is not only a specialty at Magnes, but a passion. From summer resorts to fly-in fishing camps, our combined expertise in tourism and aviation ensures a truly customized solution. The list of eligible activities included in our insurance program includes Heli Skiing, Snowboarding, Water Sports, Hiking, Biking, Rock Climbing, Zip Lines, ATV & Snowmobile Tours and more.

Independent Schools

Magnes helps keep schools operating by safeguarding their assets, staff, students and Board members. We are well versed with the specific risks of working with young people and the need to demonstrate good protection management policies. Our expertise includes Abuse liability, Crisis Management, Directors and Officer Liability and Errors & Omissions.


Magnes’ Healthcare team has in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry and will address your unique needs through a wide range of advisory and insurance services. We work with clients, ranging from individual healthcare professionals to general healthcare organizations, providing access to a suite of products including: Medical Malpractice Insurance, Director’s & Officers, Employment Practices, Privacy & Network Security Insurance, Property/Liability Insurance and more.

Financial Services

Magnes is a leading trusted advisor to professionals in the financial services sector. Our clients span from individual professionals, such as lawyers and financial advisors, to financial services agencies, and securities brokers/dealers and asset management firms. We are committed to understanding the evolving risks and market trends that affect your industry.

Trade Credit

If your business sells goods and services on credit terms, a substantial percentage of your working capital is probably tied up as accounts receivable. This exposure is a risk to your balance sheet and is worth insuring just like any other asset. Magnes’ trade credit specialist will help to assess your exposure and create a risk management package that protects your accounts receivable and provides advice regarding existing debtors.