Magnes is proud to be one of Canada’s largest independent professional risk and insurance advisors to the Canadian Aviation Industry, which now includes manned and unmanned aircraft.

A pioneer in Canadian Drone/UAS/UAV Risk Management, we have access to all insurance markets and are licensed in all provinces & territories.

At Magnes, we customize our policies using a Strategic Risk Analysis; creating unique coverages and enhancements that other brokerages are simply unable to accomplish. Our experts will help you identify and understand the major areas that drive your total cost of risk, and develop a plan that helps protect against these exposures.

Magnes is here to help with your UAV insurance needs by offering coverage for all levels of UAV operations, whether you are an individual contractor, SME, or larger corporation.

Ensure that you have the best protection possible. Contact us via email: or by phone 1-888-772-4672 to find out how you can benefit from our expertise.

COPA UAV Liability Insurance

COPA UAV Program Overview

Underwriter: AIG Insurance Company of Canada

Administered by: The Magnes Group Inc.


  • Liability for bodily injury and property damage arising out of the policyholders
    ownership, operation or use of an Unmanned Aerial System;
  • Emergency Expenses;
  • Immediate First Aid

Limits: Average $100,000 and up to $2,000,000 per occurrence

Territory: Canada & United States of America

Claim Example: Bodily injury and/or property damage following the impact of the UAV with a person or third party property (building, car, etc).

Key Exclusions:

  • Noise Pollution
  • War, riots, terrorism, confiscation, sabotage and unlawful seizure
  • Recreational Use

Key Requirements:

  • Operate under Transport Canada Exemption or Special Flight Operating Certificate (SFOC);
  • Operate the UAV within line of sight at all times;
  • Obtain permission from all property owners and tenants whose property may be used for takeoffs and/or landings, or be overflown during the course of a flight;
  • Operate and maintain the UAV to manufacturer recommendations;
  • Complete UAV/Aviation training including sections on applicable Transport Canada regulations, airspace, navigation, flight operations, meteorology, and preflight planning and decision making;
  • Complete UAV system-specific training on all models flown prior to performing any commercial operations with such aircraft;
  • Ability to override autonomous operations at all times.
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UAV Damage & Liability Insurance

A more comprehensive product designed to cover the physical damage and liability exposures for individuals and companies involved in the commercial operation of UAVs.

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