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COVID-19’s Impact on Cyber Threat Activity

Increased Cyber Threats for Individuals & Businesses

| COVID-19, Cyber Awareness | No Comments
A cybersecurity crisis emerged as a result of the 2020 global health crisis as cybercriminals posed an increased threat to the safety of individuals and organizations. Experts are seeing an…
Winter Ice Safety Tips

Ice Safety Tips

| Safety Tips | No Comments
There's no better feeling than lacing up your skates and hitting a fresh sheet of ice on your nearest lake or pond however every winter, 25 to 30 Canadians die…
Cyber Security Threats -The Magnes Group

Top Cyber Security Threats & Trends for 2021

| Business Insurance, Cyber Awareness | No Comments
Top Cyber Security Threats & Trends for 2021 As the world continues to rely more and more on technology, the need to address cyber security threats becomes increasingly important. With…