The VIP Aviation Insurance Program

Available exclusively to COPA Members

COPA Members, your VIP Aviation Program is ready for takeoff.

COPA’s VIP Insurance for aircraft is backed by the membership power of 1000’s of Canadian aircraft owners and pilots.

Whether you are an aircraft owner, renter, CFI or Flying Club, COPA wants to make sure their members are getting the best coverages available and the expertise to guide you through the maze of insurance.

You can fly with confidence when you insure with the Magnes Group with:

  • fantastic coverage through AIG;
  • outstanding personal service;
  • quick, easy quotes by phone, email or online (Silver only);
  • and coverage options to fit your unique needs.

Apply – pick a plan that’s right for you.


The VIP Gold Plan is designed for aircraft owners who want All Risk In Flight and Not In Motion (Ground) Hull and Liability.



For aircraft owners who want not in motion hull (ground) and/or liability only (includes non-owned liability coverage for renting or borrowing).



The VIP Bronze Plan is designed for pilots who do not own their own aircraft, and instead are renters and borrowers of non owned aircraft.


For more information call 1-855-847-2672 or email

Learn about VIP Insurance Plans available to COPA Members, who should buy and the conditions

VIP Aviation Insurance Program

* Recreational Pilot Permit-Aeroplane or Ultra-light Pilot Permit-Aeroplane with passenger carrying rating holders – maximum coverage 1 passenger seat

** Third party liability coverage only available upon specific request.

*** In order to qualify for passenger liability, Ultra-light Permit holders must have the passenger carrying rating.

¥ VIP Gold coverage is not provided automatically. The insurer may decline to provide a quote if the pilot’s flying time, accident history, currency, accident history of the aircraft type, aircraft value or combination thereof, or other factors do not meet their underwriting criteria.