Airport premises liability at no additional premium and with fewer restrictions

Do you worry about being responsible for a fire spreading and causing damage to other aircraft and hangars you do not own? Do friends come and visit you at your hangar? Does your home airport require you to carry Premises Liability?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you can have the peace of mind knowing that the COPA VIP Program extends the liability limit on your aircraft to include liability for your use of airport premises such as a hangar or tie-down space.

This liability coverage includes protection if you cause property damage to a hangar that is not owned or leased by you. Read your policies carefully as many insurers do not automatically include this coverage, and if asked will include lower limits at an additional cost. And if you happen to be liable for damage to a hangar you do not own, chances are that this is further limited to an amount much less than the value of the hangar you just damaged or destroyed.

Open Pilot Clauses for added flexibility

Have you ever needed to get a pilot approved to fly your aircraft on a weekend or after hours?

Depending on the make and model, undercarriage and passenger configuration of your aircraft, the COPA VIP Program offers customized pilot clauses that allow the owner of the aircraft, within certain guidelines, to make their own decisions regarding who can pilot their aircraft. For example, the Open Pilot Warranty for a Cessna 172 wheel aircraft is any Private or more advanced pilot using the aircraft with the permission of the insured.

$0 hull deductibles

Accidents happen and they can be expensive. Why have the added cost of paying a deductible?

With a few exceptions, the COPA VIP Program offers $0 deductible on most hull claims.

Coverage for out of pocket expenses if your trip is interrupted by an accident

How much will a return flight home from YVR to YYK cost if you end up having a prop strike on landing? Or what if a wind gust grabs you on the take-off roll at YTS and you need to spend the night at a nearby hotel before getting a flight home to YKZ the next day?

If you have an accident away from your home base, there is likely to be out of pocket expenses for travel, food, and possibly overnight accommodation for yourself and your passengers. The COPA VIP Policy is currently one of the only policies in Canada that offer this coverage to private aircraft owners.

Personal property coverage

How much did you spend on headsets, handheld GPS, and maps last year?

The cost to replace your maps, handheld navigating instruments, headsets, personal baggage, and contents can add up. Many aircraft policies do not specify coverage for
personal property and in event of a claim may not payout and/or expect you to also make a claim under your home policy. The COPA VIP Policy includes up to $5,000 of coverage for your personal property in the aircraft and $5,000 of coverage for your personal property in your hangar.

Coverage for flying aircraft you do not own

Do you ever borrow or rent aircraft? Is the aircraft insured? Are you an approved pilot? How much liability protection do you have if you are involved in an accident?

It is not uncommon for aircraft owners to fly other aircraft they do not own. It could be a rental aircraft, or borrowing a friend’s plane for the weekend. In the event of a claim, you can be held liable for damage to the aircraft, third party property damage, and even worse: bodily injury or death. The COPA VIP policy has the added benefit of including liability coverage when operating non owned aircraft.

Extra expense coverage for renting an aircraft

The week before your trip to Oshkosh, which you have been planning for six months, your partner has a gear-up landing. Do you have to cancel your trip?

This important COPA VIP coverage is designed to keep you in the air at no additional expense when your plane is in the shop getting repaired after a claim. If you have an important business trip or spent months planning your trip to Oshkosh, don’t be caught with the added expense of aircraft rental.

Exclusive discounts if you own multiple aircraft

You can’t fly two aircraft at the same time, so why pay the full premium for both?

If you own more than one aircraft and are the only pilot flying these aircraft, the COPA VIP program offers appropriate discounts to account for the fact that it would be impossible for two or more aircraft to crash at the same time.

Members are now able to add $25,000 of Accident Insurance to their COPA VIP Policy for just $30

Transport Canada reported a total of 239 aviation accidents in 2012 involving Canadian registered aircraft; an increase of 13% from 2011. 143 of these accidents involved private Aircraft – 19 of these resulted in fatalities. Private aircraft policies in Canada do not normally payout for significant injuries or death to the pilot. This leaves a major gap in your aircraft insurance coverage.

Effective March 1, 2014, members under the age of 70 can add $25,000 of Accident Insurance to their COPA VIP policy with AIG for only $30. This coverage protects aircraft owners and pilots 24/7, even when flying. If this is not enough, members will be able to purchase a standalone accident policy with higher limits.

There are many benefits to the COPA VIP Insurance Program and with the switch to AIG, the VIP Program is now an even better option for aircraft owners and pilots.

The COPA VIP Insurance Program is proudly administered by The Magnes Group Inc. For more details on these and other benefits, please contact Magnes at 1-855-847-2672 or at

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