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The VIP Bronze Plan is designed for pilots who do not own their own aircraft, and instead are renters and borrowers of non owned aircraft.

There are many more pilots in Canada than there are aircraft and most general aviation pilots will need to rent or borrow an airplane to fulfill their dream of flight.

Most Aircraft Insurance Policies protect the owner from his or her own mistakes or negligence, but not always the pilot renting or borrowing the airplane. In addition, sometimes the aircraft you are renting or borrowing is underinsured or not insured at all. A renter or borrower may be liable for the damages if the aircraft has an accident or claim.

Coverages available under this plan include:

Third-Party Liability: This important coverage protects pilots flying non-owned aircraft for damage that the non-owned aircraft does to third party property or bodily injury to individuals who are not passengers in the aircraft. It does not provide coverage for passengers injured on the aircraft. Transport Canada mandates that any person operating an aircraft in Canada carry third-party liability.

Passenger Liability: This coverage applies to any legal action brought against you by passengers for which you are liable to pay for bodily injury. This coverage can be purchased as a sub-limit of the Third Party Liability or under a Combined Single Limit (CSL) that includes Passengers.

Combined Single Limit (CSL): CSL coverage combines third-party liability and passenger liability coverage into a single coverage with a single overall limit per accident.

Non-Owned Physical Damage: Under the provision that you have purchased liability coverage, you also have the option of purchasing liability coverage for the physical damage to an aircraft you do not own for which you may be liable.

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